CADD Services

Russell Corrosion Consultants, Inc. (RCC) provides full service in-house CADD services for Environmental and Civil Engineering facilities such as, water and wastewater pipeline equipment, gas and oil distribution/transmission pipelines, underground storage tanks, electrical power facilities, docks and piers, dry docks, above ground tanks, bridges, tunnels, elevators, and reinforced concrete structures. RCC CADD specialists utilize the latest software in the industry, AutoCAD 2014 by Autodesk, as well as other drafting programs as requested by our clients.

RCC CADD specialists provide clients with detailed designs that include but are not limited to utility drawings, development plans and specifications, coating system and material requirements. Design specifications include corrosion monitoring systems, test stations, anodes, connections to pipe, electrical isolation, and coatings.

Our CADD specialists are equipped to suggest recommended manufactures, installation procedures, construction surveillance, training, and testing across multiple industries. We also provide our clients with the best standards and practices in order to meet government and/or industry requirements. RCC designs take into account the site specific conditions and concerns of the owner. Our designs always consider state-of-the-art technology and are non-proprietary in nature and suitable for competitive bidding.  In addition to corrosion engineering CADD services, RCC has the personnel and experience to assist you in other CADD related design endeavors should you need them.

Let RCC assist you in meeting your CADD needs.

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