Private Industry

Russell Corrosion Consultants, Inc. (RCC) performs corrosion control services for many private industries. Typical projects include:

  • Environmental analysis and corrosion control designs for major housing companies who are building new developments. RCC is called into to help when builders need to install new water and or wastewater mains, or extend existing pipelines.
  • Corrosion Control Designs for factories, data centers, and critical structures owned and operated by private industry. Whether it is critical data being stored, a manufacturing plant, or a factory production line, time is money and no one likes to lose money due to corrosion failures.
  • Underground oil tanks. RCC is often called to perform underground oil tank evaluations, assess soil and atmospheric corrosion potentials, and provide an analysis for next steps and corrective measures.
  • Rust evaluation. RCC is often called to evaluate rust on commercial buildings to provide an analysis and corrective action plan for our client.

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