Marine Structures and Bridges

Russell Corrosion Consultants, (RCC) has performed hundreds of evaluations for marine structures and bridges to determine the level of corrosivity and to design corrosion control procedures for them.

Russell Corrosion Consultants, Inc. (RCC) is an industry expert in the area of stray current control for DC powered light rail and heavy rail transit systems. Our Chief Engineer, Michael J. Szeliga, is the former Chairman of the NACE International and ASTM technical committees on stray current and has over 30 years experience in transit specific corrosion control assessments and designs. We have worked with some of the largest transit authority’s in the country providing expert corrosion control advice.

RCC's services include baseline and revenue stray current surveys; estimation of stray current during transit system design; computer modeling of stray current levels under various system configurations; input into the design of system elements that influence the level of stray current; track-to-earth resistance testing; tunnel inspections and improvements; track voltage testing; and designs and specifications for stray current control systems for transit system facilities, structures, and adjacent utilities.

RCC provides stray current engineering services during transit system design, construction, and maintenance. We have worked on "all sides" of interference issues, having performed studies for and represented transit agencies, municipal water and gas companies, and the operators of natural gas and petroleum transmission pipelines.

RCC provides corrosion control engineering services for transit vehicles, elevated track structures, tunnels, utility piping, elevators, and station facilities. We design and maintain corrosion control systems including cathodic protection, coatings, track isolation and bonding systems in order to provide transit system operators with corrosion free structures and facilities.

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