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Corrosion is one of the leading causes of infrastructure related accidents in the world. When a pipeline or structure fails, the results can be devastating in terms of loss of life, property damage, and contamination of the environment. To prevent such disasters, private firms and governments have been using corrosion control methods as one of their strongest weapons in the battle against corrosion failures. Russell Corrosion Consultants, Inc (RCC) was founded in 1993, and for almost two decades we have been serving our global base of clients, providing them with world-class solutions to their corrosion issues.

At RCC we like to
for our clients

At Russell Corrosion Consultants we like to think ahead for our clients. We don't just provide quick fixes; rather we work with our clients to achieve long-term solutions. RCC is a completely independent firm offering a broad range of corrosion engineering services to every industry, throughout the United States and the world. At RCC we like to help our clients navigate to prevention instead of reaction, we assist them in protecting their assets not losing them, we demonstrate how our clients can be better prepared to face their corrosion issues, as neglect is not a solution, and finally we provide them independent answers based on decades of corrosion experience.

We have a single driving
in mind

"Preserve our client's infrastructure, protect our environment, mitigate waste, and reduce our client's costs through the application of world-class corrosion engineering services". Hope is not a strategy. Let us help you too. One thing we can be sure of is corrosion is going to continue to happen and its affects can be disastrous. Wouldn't you rather have an experienced partner you can trust to meet all your corrosion needs? We are here to help you.

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